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Welcome to Live Eat Breathe!

Live Eat Breathe is a central educational and exploratory hub for holistic wellness, spiritual development, intuitive eating, medicinal movement, mindful meditation, and expansion of the inner world. Here I explore the relationship between our mind, body, and spiritual energies in order to unlock our highest state of being, and unmask the mystery of what it means to be Human.

“To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders”

~ Lao Tzu

I am a heavy believer in the idea that we are born whole and complete – that this is our true nature. However, as experiences wash over us, they take hold of our vision. The energy of our past creates programs that influence our habits and behaviours today, and these patterns don’t always serve our highest purpose. They more often tend to hold us back from our fullest potential, and this leaves us feeling empty, lost, and aching for direction.

I have been exploring this idea in my own life for several years now, and through various avenues and practices I have realized some very important truths about the pursuit of happiness. Mainly, that happiness begins with our own inner state of being – in making peace with who we are and who we have been, and learning from the experiences we have encountered. To find true and lasting happiness requires that we finally stop and take inventory of the subconscious programming we run on a day-to-day basis, and to then choose to create new, more holistic neural pathways that serve us better.

“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”

~ don Miguel Ruiz

I am here to help you get there. Please allow me to offer myself in service to you as a resource for wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. I have a background in holistic nutrition and intuitive eating, movement, meditation, breathwork, and very deep spiritual work. My passion lies in the fusion of the practices of mindful eating, meditative movement, and connecting deeply and intuitively to our inner sense of Being.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and/or to get started on the path to healing holistically. I sincerely look forward to meeting you.

xo Cecilia


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