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Our bodies love to move. Whether we like it or not, we are animals, and our bodies are built for intrinsic, graceful movement. However, due to conditioning (or lack thereof) we have become disconnected from our most functional state of alignment and physical health.


I am obsessed with primal, dynamic, and functional movement that is fun and accessible. Exercise should make us feel good, make us want to move more, and help us to move more optimally in all areas of our life. Our movement should feel natural and light, flowing like water, returning us to our intuitive roots. It should also be applicable to all planes – standing, walking, running, sleeping, biking, lifting etc.


Functionality and mobility are my number one priority when it comes to movement – why do we move in a particular way? How can we move more mindfully? How can we move better throughout our day? How can we increase mobility even as we age? What habitual movement patterns have we developed in our bodies over time, and how can we increase awareness in order to shift into a healthier state of alignment? What can we learn about ourselves by paying closer attention to the patterns we hold in our posture?


I teach the Bowspring alignment – a revolutionary movement practice that focuses on integrating our entire myofascial (muscles and fascia) system in order to find even tone and engagement throughout our body. When we treat our movement with a holistic mindset, understanding that our muscles and fascia work together and are connected from the very tips of our toes right up through the crown of our head, we are better able to find lightness and powerful fluidity in motion.

“The body is more liquid than solid. The bones of the body are floating struts in a network of visco-elastic connective tissue that surrounds the whole body. The tonus of muscle and fascia pull on the bones, while the bones provide consistent push back to create a tensegrity or a dynamically balanced alignment. The back of the body is curved and not rigidly upright for efficient movement.”
– Global Bowspring

Bowspring is a pulsing, dynamic practice that keeps the natural curves of the spine in integrity whilst utilizing a cascade of algorithmic engagement cues (also known as the 10 key areas) to create balanced tonus on all sides of the body. Bowspring, although an evolution of yoga, is very different from any other movement practice and in its own right must be considered as a separate entity altogether. This practice aims to heal and uplift the individual by developing an open and expansive posture, with an emphasis on mindful attention to the sensations that arise within the body as we move. Utilizing the Bowspring algorithm and harmonizing breathwork, we can begin to create new patterns of strength, confidence, and functionality in order to release self-limiting beliefs and postural patterns.

For more information about the Bowspring algorithm, go to or check out my teacher at

xo Cecilia

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