As a transformational life coach, channeler, psychic medium, and teacher of Bowspring, meditation, and all things spirituality, I am able to provide a wide array of tools and practices that are guaranteed to help get your life on the right track! My passion is in healing the inner landscape and unlocking our deepest truths in order for us to better understand what we have come here to create and contribute to the world.

Working with me is guaranteed to kick-start a profound shift within you as we begin to address all areas of your life, health and spiritual well-being in a balanced, positive, and productive manner.

Using a combination of techniques tailored to your specific needs, I will coach you in any and all areas where you feel out of alignment so that you can begin (r)evolutionizing your life and awaken to your fullest potential!

I have personally found, through working with my own coaches, that we tend to evolve and heal at a rapid pace when we have others on our team – to celebrate, encourage, and honour our growth along the path to greatness. When you work with a coach, they are there to keep you on track and accountable, and to provide you with the tools YOU need to create a beautiful life!

I have a number of individual and package options available that are designed to help you kick off your healing journey and receive the most impact from our coaching relationship. Please feel free to feel into each in order to find an option that will serve you best!

I am here for you! If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me or book your FREE 30 minute discovery call today!


90-minute Spiritual Healing Intensive

Here we would spend 90 minutes together focusing on one or two specific areas where you are feeling stuck or are looking to find clarity. We would start with a basic reading, then using a combination of spiritual coaching, psychic mediumship, channeling, and energy work we would then move intuitively into a deep unraveling of all that keeps you from embodying the truth of who you truly are.



As a psychic medium and channeler, I am able to tap into your unique energetic frequency in order to gain deeper insight about who you are and what keeps you from living a radiant life! I also channel the high vibrational wisdom of my spiritual guides and can allow them to speak through me to you, attuning you to a new state of Being and a whole new paradigm of existence.

Feeling lost? Confused? Hoping to gain insight around your purpose? Going through a rough patch in a relationship? I am able to tune into your life and your relationships, providing insight in order to identify patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward in different areas of your life, as well as identify physical and/or emotional blocks that are holding you back from your true potential .

1-hour | $111USD | 30-mins | $75USD


As an intuitive healer and energy worker, I use a combination of shamanic energy work and wind medicine to channel energy into your field in order to help release any energetic blocks that might be found there. This is useful for unlocking trapped emotions or trauma, targeting illness or disease, and returning the body back to harmony.

1-hour:  $111USD | 30-mins: $75USD




Spiritual Healing Basic Package

• 5 x 1 hour spiritual coaching calls w/ assistance from my guides
These would be combination sessions where I would combine 1-1 spiritual life coaching and the use of clairvoyance where needed, as well as any input that comes through from my guides.

Spiritual Healing Intermediate Package

• 5 x spiritual coaching calls w/ assistance from the guides
• Unlimited access via What’s App for on-going guidance and coaching between calls
This option is the same as above, but the real value add here is having full access to me via What’s App voice messaging specifically for ongoing support, coaching, and guidance between calls. This is like the glue that holds my programs together in that through this on-going communication we create a foundational relationship of accountability and support that has proven to be very effective in helping my clients to evolve and grow. I will check in with you regularly, drop useful and pertinent information to you, and send through recommended content as it comes into my awareness (i.e. podcasts, YouTube videos, meditations etc.)
Price: $777USD

Spiritual Healing Advanced Package

• 3 x 1hr spiritual coaching calls
• 3 x 1hr psychic reading, channeling, and energy work session
• 1 x 1hr somatic meditation journey for download
• Unlimited access via What’s App for guidance and coaching between calls
This option dials it in a bit more! We would have 3 calls focused specifically on discussion around your direction and purpose in life, what holds you back from your full expression etc., and 3 calls focused on tapping in deeper with clairvoyant readings, channeling, and energy work.
As well, you would get my hour long somatic meditation journey which is really effective for helping us move inward and get curious about what is going on within our emotional and spiritual bodies, plus you would have full access to me via What’s App as described above.

It would be my greatest honour to guide you into a more healed and whole expression of who you are – allow me to help you unlock your inner power, to witness you in your truth, and to be of service to you as your soul begins to flourish!

Contact me today to book your FREE 30 minute discovery call!


I am so grateful to be able to offer this magical, (r)evolutionary movement practice that has the potential to transform mind, body, and spirit!

This practice invites us to take on a healthy, curvy, and dynamic alignment that allows for light, fluid, and functional movement in our everyday life. This grounding and expansive practice strengthens the posterior chain for a supported and safe opening of the front body. This allows us to embody a confident, strong, and open posture that has the power to transform, heal, and liberate all areas of our life!

The Bowspring alignment is highly therapeutic, and can be applied to all methods of movement for better functionality and increased strength. This movement medicine will help you to keep the spring in your step at any age!

With this practice you will experience:

  • Increased strength & tone
  • Improved functionality
  • Dynamic and holistic body movement
  • Improved mindfulness and awareness
  • Injury prevention and therapeutic benefit
  • Emotional release and realignment
  • A deeper connection to Self

Private lesson: $60USD | 2 lessons: $111USD | 4 lessons: $210USD | 8 lessons: $390USD

xo Cecilia

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